A half-orc that's got nothing left to lose, after being stripped of his last possessions. Mild tempered for a half-orc, just don't make him angry.


STR – 18
DEX – 16
INT – 10
WIS – 12
CHA – 8

15 HP
AC 12
Reflex save – 6

WPN- “Dwarven Battle Axe” 1D10, Crit X3
Shld- “Wooden Shield” +2 AC


Oglamesh comes from a land that was taken from him, not in battle, but a slaughter. Enemies that move without a sound and vanish into the night. They came as quickly as they left, but only I remained alive. What was their reason for wiping out my whole village? Why am I still alive? These were the questions Oglamesh needed an answer for. Being a half-orc staying in these lands meant suicide. His mother often talked of his father’s land, across the sea. Given little option Oglamesh gathered what things of value he could find. This will buy his passage to a new start and maybe some answers of what happened. The only two things Oglamesh keeps on his voyage is a two handed sword and a circlet from his father.

Soon after arriving to this new land Oglamesh found out a new life isn’t going to be easy. Right off the boat he finds out being a half-orc here is no better than back home. He is stripped of his valuables and kicked out of the city in the first day. Being an intelligent barbarian Oglamesh still understands the value of his life, so he obliged with their wishes for now. Soon after the city Oglamesh meets a band of travellers that look although they could be useful.

Oglamesh has spent most of his time in his new life stuck in woods with these travelers. A few have died, but the half orc never grows attached to any too weak to survive. The priest Dougan has turned out to be quite useful with his spells. Oglamesh has proven to be the best puzzle solver of the group. Which is surprising considering he is a barbarian, and half orc. During these travels Oglamesh has killed a bear, a harpy, a couple kobolds, and some draconians. With two near death experiences and some gnarly scars to back them up. He is everything you expect from a barbarian only slightly more intellectual.

The town we have entered this Banik is something else. Nothing like that HollyHay. Some good people in Banik they are like Oglamesh. We have decided to investigate a nearby settlement, probably gonna kill some liazrd people. Oglamesh made sure to sharpen his axe before the journey. Time to see how sharp. Maybe even stop into a shop and find a nice big axe before setting out.


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