Common wooden structures line simple dirt streets in this small, quiet agricultural town on the border of the West Wood. It’s inhabitants are fearful and mistrusting. A fat hobbit named Bungo has recently taken up the role of “mayor” and moved into the town hall. The town hall is a building out of place in this hamlet. it’s solid stone construction and weathered appearance show it to have been built for another purpose long ago. remnants of an ancient cobblestone courtyard complete with a fountain can still be seen outside.

Hollyhay was once a peaceful farming town. It was ruled wisely and well by a council of elders. For some time Hollyhay served as a meeting place and trading post for farmers, trappers, miners and hunters. Crops would be sold to merchants who would see to the shipping and disbursement throughout Tvalfnor.

Three years ago, the draconians descended from the mountains and attacked Hollyhay. The fight was short due to the fact that Hollyhay, aside from a few Lion’s Guard soldiers was little more than a rabble. The although their demise was almost certain, every able man armed himself and stood his ground against the draconian onslaught hoping to give the women time to hide the children. The astonishing part of the battle occurred near the end, when almost every villager was either slain or injured. The draconians routed and faded back into the west wood. When the dust had settled… Bungo the hobbit was the last able bodied man on the field.

Since the council had been either captured or slain, Bungo took up residence in the council hall and appointed himself “Lord Mayor” of Hollyhay. Less than a month after the battle, Bungo had set up a taxation system and decreed that all produce from farms surrounding Hollyhay would be purchased by the Lord Mayor and he alone would see to their disbursement. The people of Hollyhay riled at the new decree and hero or not wanted to see Bungo removed from any authority. However, when Bungo called in Lion’s Guard soldiers from Joathin, the people of Hollyhay were far too weak to do anything but capitulate. For a time, Brock Ward, the largest farm producer in Hollyhay, attempted to gather a group to petition the mayor of Feygrims Mill to intervene. However, nearly everyone in Hollyhay was struggling to get by with most every man slain and what men were left not fully recovered from the onslaught. Eventually, Brock (himself suffering from dizzy spells) gave up and acquiesced to the edicts of Bungo.

During the rule of Lord Mayor Bungo, Hollyhay struggled. The oppressive tax Some farms called upon friends or relations to sustain, others who could scrounge up money enough packed up, abandon their land and set off for places unknown. Many turned to foraging in the forest for sustenance. It wasn’t long before people noticed however, that even though people would occasionally be attacked by draconians outside of town, the draconians have never returned to Hollyhay. Lord Mayor Bungo was not shy about taking credit for this dissuasion claiming that the draconians feared him. Thus the few remaining people in Hollyhay allow Lord Mayor Bungo to remain in power.

Recently a new type of danger plagues Hollyhay. People are disappearing. After the first mysterious disappearance, Lord Mayor Bungo sent word to his brother Bodo to lend his aid in the protection of Hollyhay.


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