The Queen Reborn

Out of the Mill, into the Ogre's Cave
Lost in the Woods

In Fegrim’s Mill, Dugan, Brock Silverhand, and Milo Tealeaf are met at the gate by Mayor Nelson, who arms them and gives them travel equipment in exchange for their agreement to get to the bottom of the bandit menace scourging the area. They agree and begin to travel Northwest towards Holly Hay.
As they travel the sun sets and they come upon a forested area. The travelers decide to collect wood and set up camp for the night. Most of the night passes uneventfully until they are ambushed by a group of bandits in the early morning. The bandit’s stick a couple of arrows into the party, but are ultimately overcome. They agree to call off their attack and return to the woods with a warning to not return to these woods.
In the morning they continue down the road through a grassy plain, where they travel til nightfall and are again attacked by a group of ambushers. Initially, in the low light they aren’t able to see their enemies, but as they get closer they can tell they are small kangaroo-looking creatures. The creatures are swift and fight in a pack but fall one by one until they flee.
The trio find a mysterious statue that was towed by the creatures. They take the statue and reach a split in the road. The sign pointing left reads Banik. Unfamiliar with the area, they head towards Banik until a foul smell frightens them into turning around. They go down the left split until they come upon an overturned cart with armed men in the road. Unsure of the scenario, they hide in a patch of forest until they see the armed men have disappeared. Once the coast is clear they approach the cart and find it has been pillaged. They untie the captive men and agree to take an injured guard back to Holly Hay with them.
The injured guard directs them towards Holly Hay, but along the way they come upon a lost naked half-orc named Oglamesh. Oglamesh seems tired and beaten down, as well as unarmed, so they are not afraid, but are skeptical of his friendliness. They agree to let him travel alongside, as long as he will help them fight any dangers and if he agrees to carry the injured man the remainder of the journey.
Finally, they reach Holly Hay and the town is suspiciously empty. They leave the injured man at the Inn before poking around the town for information. They find what appears to be the town hall and walk into an ongoing argument amongst the townspeople. As they enter and ask where all the people are. They find out people have been going missing but the self-proclaimed Mayor appears to be withholding information. Some of the people ask them what their motives are. They explain they are looking for bandits and are only here to help. Untrusting, the Mayor and others send them to wait in the Inn while they make a decision.
When they meet in the Inn, Dugan, Milo, Oglamesh, and Brock are all told to leave the town and not come back. Reluctantly they travel into the woods north of town.
As they sleep at the entrance to the forest they are woken by a figure running past them towards town. They call for her to stop and when she refuses, Oglamesh chases her and carries her back to camp. When she is asked questions she is too hysterical to answer. The four eventually decide to let her free and they continue into the forest.
Shortly after entering the forest a cabin appears on the side of the road and when investigated a large man resembling a boar comes out to confront us. The party convinces the man they are no threat to him and inform him of the hysterical woman whom he seems to know something about.
Without a map, the four wander through forested trails until they find a cave. As they approach the cave a giant ogre emerges and the party hides. The ogre, Clambush, finds most of the party, but Dugan hides in the brush outside the cave. Clambush seems to be toying with the three and invites them into his cave— they reluctantly agree. Oglamesh attempts to escape but the ogre flings a handful of dirt and rocks, bringing the Half-Orc to near death.
Eventually they challenge Clambush to another game of hide and seek, to which he agrees, and upon healing Oglamesh they escape while the ogre hides. The party makes their way down the trail until nightfall, when they decide to camp and do some hunting for food. While the other three sleep, Milo gets lost while hunting and hears a song that puts him into a trance. When the three wake up in the morning Milo is missing.
Meanwhile, in another part of the woods, Sancho Burrows, another halfling, is utterly lost and wanders down a path starving and alone. He sees three figures and hides to assess the situation. Dugan, Oglamesh and Brock are startled when a halfling pops out of the forest behind them and ask if he has seen Milo. Sancho hasn’t seen Milo, but points them in the direction of a tower he passed that may have food.
Sancho accompanies the party and they explore the tower finding some water bags and rations. after staying the night and getting their fill they continue their search for either Milo or an exit to the dangers of the forest. Eventually they come to an area bordering a cliff with a similar tower atop. As they climb the cliff Brock Silverhand loses his footing near the top and crushes his skull on a rock during his fall, instantly killing him. Oglamesh and Sancho manage to make it atop where they find a large bear. They defeat the bear and take his meat, finding no other resources in the tower.
Once they reach the bottom of the cliff they push further down the trail. They hear a voice singing and both Dugan and Oglamesh are entranced and wander down the trail in a zombie-like state. Sancho, distressed, wrestles his new companions until they snap out of it, but they are quickly attacked by a flying humanoid creature. After many swoops, Oglamesh lands a punch that kills the creature. The trio observes a nest atop a giant tree and attempt to climb it to no avail. Desperate for food, they give up and continue down the trail.
Nearly starved to death, they eventually decide the trail is offering no solutions and that their best bet for food is the nest in the tree. They turn around and come to the tree once more, brainstorming about a way to get to the nest. Again, nothing succeeds, and they push down the same trail before setting up camp and go to sleep very very hungry…

Trapped in the mountain

Garth Max, Kyreth and Urganium were each shoved into a long line of prisoners that was surrounded by an group of draconian guards. They were led into a hole in the side of a mountain and slowly marched down a long line of tunnels that twisted, curved and had so many splits and branches they completely lost track of how to find their way out.

After a considerable march, they came to a bridge in a magma cavern. They were then assembled in front of a slight draconian who named himself Varrak, a captain in the queen’s red army. Beside him was a large pile of bones. Some of them looked very old and some of them looked rather fresh.

The draconian captain informed them that they all now had the honor of working in the mines to support the queen’s army. He said that if they made trouble or tried to escape, they would be eaten. He continued on down a long list of potential offences ending with irritating him and after each offense named said they would be eaten. The pile of bones beside him testified to the fact that he wasn’t bluffing.

Immediately after the speech all the prisoners were shoved violently over the side of the large 15 foot deep pit. The sides of the pit seemed to be composed mostly of Obsidian which was warm to the touch, presumably from magma flows nearby. The top edge was covered in rusty iron spikes and was patrolled by numerous guards. On the floor along the sides of the pit was a feeding trough filled with a thick, yellowish goo. Along the sides of the pit were a few small alcoves that appeared to be the only places the guards couldn’t readily see. The pit was filled with hundreds of prisoners from many different races.


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