A Cleric of Paladine


Dressed in scale mail and wielding a heavy mace. He has a small wooden lion’s head on a string around his neck, the symbol of Paladine.

Dougan grew up in the town of Fegrim’s Mill where his father was a valiant servant of Pelor, God of the Sun. From a young age his father began taking him to the Altar of Pelor in town. Before long Dougan became more and more familiar with Pelor and began learning to use the healing powers of his new God at the temple there. As he reached young adulthood, Dougan remained loyal to Pelor, but found himself in disagreement with some of his peers, and after one of these disagreements led to a scuffle his superior in the church decided Dougan’s talents and rough edges might be better suited for the battlefield than in a church. And so he was sent on a mission to investigate bandit activity in the area…

And year or so since that day, Dougan has found that bandits are the least of concern in a world that appears to be on the brink of destruction. Bandits turn out to be refugees, made desperate by a scourge of Pirates. Determined to help those in need, Dougan is quickly sidetracked from his simple quest to gather intel surrounding local bandit attacks. People in need are everywhere and he he was easily overwhelmed by situations that seemed equally worthy of Pelor’s blessing.

Dougan isn’t one to putter out in the face of overwhelming odds though. Since traveling to the swamplands surrounding Bannock he has found ancient legends to be farce, and has seen increasing evidence that the powerful dragon Afael, supposedly slayed by great heroes, is planning something dastardly. Furthermore, there seem to be conspiracies everywhere that have a knowledge of these things, and Dougan is determined to get to the bottom of it, worried that the fate of the world might depend on it.

Also, he met a lot of people along the way and almost all of them died.


Dougan grew up in Fegrims Mill.


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