The Lord Mayor of Hollyhay


Bungo is a corpulent, greedy, self absorbed hobbit. Bungo wears clothes that he perceives to be quite fine, though to anybody with some experience they appear to be a bit threadbare.


Bungo was once the town drunk. He was a thief, a grafter and highly disliked. This all changed when a draconian raid nearly destroyed HollyHay. Every man from HollyHay was either killed, captured or terribly injured during the fighting. Towards the end of the battle, the draconians were routed and driven away leaving the town itself mostly unharmed and sparing the women and children. When the dust had settled, Bungo was caring for the wounded. Bungo later explained to the survivors that in an uncharacteristic moment of bravery he had killed no less than fifteen draconians and had frightened the rest off. Bungo then created the position of “Lord Mayor” of HollyHay and appointed himself. Since the entire council of elders, the previous ruling body, had been wiped out to a man nobody, except perhaps Brock Ward, stood in Bungo’s way. While nobody fully believes Bungo could have driven off the draconians, the fact that the draconians haven’t returned is enough to keep the town from rebelling against the pompous annoyance.

After the “resolution” of the draconian threat, the people of HollyHay have been plagued by an unknown danger that seems to be causing the population to disappear one person at a time. To help him quell the threat, Bungo has hired his half-brother Bodo the Druid to come and investigate.


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