Brother Asher

The inkeeper at the Bronzetower Inn


Brother Asher is a sturdy, heavyset man with a pleasant, helpful disposition. He wears simple clothes gird with a belt which holds a coin purse and a kitchen knife which he uses in his culinary duties. Beneath His tunic he keeps a wooden emblem of a sun to remind him of his once clerical duties. When he is not cleaning, cooking or serving brother Asher keeps a lute handy to entertain guests. He is not especially talented, but provides a pleasant atmosphere which draws middle class guests from the whole city.


Brother Asher was a friar in the city of FegrimsMill. As with many young men of less than noble birth in the city he spent his youth training to become a cleric of pelor. Owing to an unfortunate incident during his first mission as a cleric (which he does not like to discuss), he was dismissed from service until he could make amends. Instead of continuing with the temple and seeking amends, Asher decided to take up residence in Banik. He purchased a property and now lives a simple life as an innkeeper.

Brother Asher

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