Alik the Red


A wizened man covered in the scars of battle. Alik’s arms dangle at his sides as he relentlessly shuffles back and forth on his quarterdeck. His eyes cast a dead, unending scan of the sea.


Lord Alik was once a respected officer of the Krendoxian navy, but his fierce and often bloody conquests earned him the title “the Red.” After numerous reprimands, he was court-martialed and his ship scuttled.

The loss of his ship pushed him over the edge. Alik began a murderous rampage, leaving a dozen naval ships shattered, broken and burning. Alik’s escapades as a pirate were more gruesome than those as a naval officer. Though the Krendoxian fleet pushed him to the northern sea, Alik still holds a reign of terror over the northern waters commanding a small but efficient pirate fleet of blood hungry men anxious for a taste of the riches Alik has amassed.

For reasons unknown, These savage pirates have been raiding costal towns and setting up fortifications in the west wood.

Alik the Red

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