The Queen Reborn

Trapped in the mountain

Garth Max, Kyreth and Urganium were each shoved into a long line of prisoners that was surrounded by an group of draconian guards. They were led into a hole in the side of a mountain and slowly marched down a long line of tunnels that twisted, curved and had so many splits and branches they completely lost track of how to find their way out.

After a considerable march, they came to a bridge in a magma cavern. They were then assembled in front of a slight draconian who named himself Varrak, a captain in the queen’s red army. Beside him was a large pile of bones. Some of them looked very old and some of them looked rather fresh.

The draconian captain informed them that they all now had the honor of working in the mines to support the queen’s army. He said that if they made trouble or tried to escape, they would be eaten. He continued on down a long list of potential offences ending with irritating him and after each offense named said they would be eaten. The pile of bones beside him testified to the fact that he wasn’t bluffing.

Immediately after the speech all the prisoners were shoved violently over the side of the large 15 foot deep pit. The sides of the pit seemed to be composed mostly of Obsidian which was warm to the touch, presumably from magma flows nearby. The top edge was covered in rusty iron spikes and was patrolled by numerous guards. On the floor along the sides of the pit was a feeding trough filled with a thick, yellowish goo. Along the sides of the pit were a few small alcoves that appeared to be the only places the guards couldn’t readily see. The pit was filled with hundreds of prisoners from many different races.



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